Press release: 23rd April 2012


Joint Committee report marks

major step forward for Lords reform



The Joint Committee on the Draft House of Lords Reform Bill today recommends a second chamber that is 80% elected. This is a development of major significance, endorsing the principle of democratic reform, and the central proposal in the draft Bill. Their report also endorses a number of suggestions to ensure the primacy of the House of Commons suggested by CDUH in evidence to the Committee.


Damien Welfare, Co-ordinator of the Campaign, said: “The Committee endorses the central case for a largely elected second chamber, this is a major step forward in the argument. The Committee has supported the core principle that those who make the laws that govern us should be elected by the people. The separate question of whether or not there should be a referendum, important though it is in terms of the process, should not distract us from the significance of the committee’s conclusion on this fundamental issue”.


The Campaign will provide further detailed comment on the report, and in the run-up to the Queen’s Speech on 9th May 2012. 


Note to Editors:


The Campaign is a grouping of Labour-supporting Parliamentarians and members who support a second chamber that is mainly or wholly elected.


The Campaign gave oral evidence to the Joint Committee on 16th January 2012. In that session, and in its written evidence, it set out the arguments of principle for democratic reform. It focussed in particular on mechanisms to maintain the primacy of the House of Commons while increasing the legitimacy of a reformed second chamber.  Its evidence can be viewed on its website.  


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