Campaign for a Democratic Upper House

Press Statement, 27th June 2012


“Lords reform has taken another big step forward today, with the publication of the Bill to provide for a second chamber that is 80% elected”, said Damien Welfare, Co-ordinator of the Campaign for a Democratic Upper House.

“The proposals in the Bill build on Jack Straw’s White Paper in 2008, and the proposals of a cross-party group of MPs led by the late Robin Cook in 2005. They are proposals that democrats of all persuasions, and especially Labour members, can support. Ed Miliband’s lead to Labour members on this issue has been very welcome.  Labour has a proud record on Lords reform, and this Bill would not have come forward without its pioneering work under the last Government, and its longstanding support for democracy at Westminster. The main features of the Bill should command wide support”.

“Fears voiced by some about the primacy of the House of Commons can be answered. The cost estimates produced by the Bill’s opponents have already been shown to be grossly exaggerated. The Bill follows many of the recommendations of the recent Joint Committee that scrutinised it, including on clarifying the application of the Parliament Acts, and the size of the reformed House”.

The Campaign will be publishing more detailed briefings on the Bill before MPs debate the Second Reading, expected in July.



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The Campaign for a Democratic Upper House is a grouping of Labour Parliamentarians and members who support a second chamber which is wholly or mainly elected.